Atlas - Urik, City of Lions

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  • Far in the Northwest of the Tyr Region, and on the Western edge of the Road of Kings.
  • The nearest city-state is Raam, City of Unrest, East along the Road of Kings.
  • Centered in a relatively lush area, Urik is located just Northwest of the massive basin called the Dragon’s Bowl.

At a Glance

  • The sorcerer-king Hamanu organized and rules Urik with a lengthy documented Code of law.
  • Urik is a powerful city-state with a large standing army for defense, bustling commerce, and a purported meritocracy.
  • Famed for its pottery, Urik also exports obsidian for weapons or tools, leather, chitin, and kank nectar. The same herds keep the city itself well supplied in meat.

Notable Features

  • Hamanu’s Code is the only law of the land- a lengthy document detailing everything from land ownership and taxes to holidays, standards for construction and artistry, and orders of service for weddings and funerals.


  • Ordered and lawful, Urik boasts not only a powerful military, but also booming commerce. In this time of dissention, Urik stands as a testament to order. Its culture may be compared to the ancient city of Uruk, in Babylon.

Atlas - Urik, City of Lions

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