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  • In the North of the Tyr Region, along the Road of Kings, just above the Tablelands.
  • The nearest city-state is Draj, City of the Moons, to the Northeast.
  • Raam resides between the twin mountain ranges of the Left Gauntlet, to the North, and the Right Gauntlet, to the South.

At a Glance

  • Alabach-Re, the debauched sorcerer-queen, no longer rules Raam so much as she takes whatever pleasure she fancies within it.
  • Widely called the City of Unrest, Raam has fallen far from its formerly wondrous heights. Its quarries and mines stand exhausted, and its fields can no longer support its population. Civil dissent grows by the hour and many are left wondering whether Alabach-Re will be the first to follow the way of Kalak.
  • The largest city-state by far, Raam was once known for strong exports of stone and gemstones. Though current troubles have all but paralyzed trade, merchants still visit the once-great city for its stores of commodities such as silver, gemstones, flint, silk, rugs, art, and textiles.

Notable Features

  • It is rumored that Alabach-Re’s lusts have born hundreds of offspring to the sorcerer-queen. The people of Raam exchange whispered rumors about the fate and purpose of these Offspring, and their tie to the sorcerer-queen.


  • The heady decadence of a once-great empire clashes with regular riots and unrests. The unrest has occasionally made it dangerous for Alabach-Re’s Templars to be seen alone in the streets. Culturally, Raam may be compared to Ancient Egypt and the Mughal Empire of India.

Atlas - Raam, City of Unrest

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