Atlas - Gulg, the Forest City

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At a Glance

  • Lalali-Puy, sorcerer-queen, is widely accepted as a goddess within Gulg.
  • The smallest of the city-states, Gulg is little more than a sturdy wall enclosing a vast number of smaller, clan-like villages called dagadas. All freely and enthusiastically worship Lalali-Puy.
  • A primitive, tradition-rooted culture with draconian trade laws, Gulg places heavy restrictions on outside trade.

Notable Features

  • Perhaps the most verdant city-state, Gulg incorporates ancient agafari trees as central architectural features- including Sunlight Home, the dwelling of Lalali-Puy.


  • Tribal and superstitious, the culture of Gulg revolves around its goddess, Lalali-Puy. Can be compared culturally with a stylized vision of the african jungle.

Atlas - Gulg, the Forest City

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