FC Dark Sun

Spoiler Alert: Everyone Dies.

Welcome to the FC Dark Sun Obsidian Portal. This is where I’ll be tracking a lot of information both for the party and for myself.

I’ve updated the Dark Sun Atlas with some information about the Cosmology and each of the areas within the Tyr Region; the summaries there are an excellent way to get a quick feel for each region. The information presented is knowledge that’s fairly widely available- the sort of thing that anyone moderately knowledgeable about Athas would know. As you discover more, I’m sure I’ll update the relevant region with important information. If you make a big discovery in a region during a session, check back- that’s the sort of thing I’ll be adding here.

Once we start playing, I’ll probably keep a short summary of each session in the Adventure Log. One of my previous groups really enjoyed writing in-character “journal entries” in our Adventure Log- feel free to do so if you like. They can be a great and entertaining way to keep track of what’s happened, but (as with everything else) it’s certainly not required.

I’ll also be updating the FC Dark Sun Wiki with more information about Athas and Dark Sun, NPCs you’ve run across, adventure hooks you haven’t investigated, and probably plenty of other stuff. Feel free to take a look at it as much or as little as you want. It may help you keep track of longer storylines, or remember some old bit of info, or just get a better feel for the “flavor” of the world- but again, it’s not required, just an available resource for you guys.

Finally, I’ve updated the Characters tab with a placeholder page for everyone’s character. Once we get our characters nailed down, I’ll probably update this fairly completely and then pass control off to each of you. Feel free to add Bio information, flavor text, background, or anything else you might want. I’ll definitely want to keep track of your characters every two levels, or more – knowing your capabilities will help me provide better challenges for you guys, and knowing your backgrounds/friends/enemies will only improve the quality of the stories we get into.

Fc Dark Sun

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